Raspihats Switch

The raspihats switch platform allows you to control the digital outputs of your raspihats boards.

To use your raspihats boards in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: raspihats
      - board: DI6acDQ6rly
        address: 0x60
          - index: 0
            name: Fan Office
            invert_logic: true
            initial_state: true
          - index: 1
            name: Light Office

Configuration variables:

  • i2c_hats (Optional): Array of used I2C-HATs.
    • board (Required): The board name.
    • address (Required): The board I2C address, hex value.
      • channels (Required): Array of used digital output channels.
        • index (Required): Digital output channel index.
        • name (Required): Friendly name to use for the frontend.
        • invert_logic (Optional): Inverts the output logic, default is False.
        • initial_state (Optional): Initial state, default is None, can also be True or False. None means no state is forced on the corresponding digital output when this switch is instantiated.

For more details about the Raspihats add-on boards for Raspberry PI, visit raspihats.com.