Weather Underground (WUnderground)

The wunderground platform uses Weather Underground as a source for current weather information.

Obtain a WUnderground API key here. A free account allows 500 requests per day and also a maximum of 10 per minute. See details here.

To add Wunderground to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: wunderground
    api_key: your_api_key
      - alerts
      - dewpoint_c
      - dewpoint_f
      - dewpoint_string
      - feelslike_c
      - feelslike_f
      - feelslike_string
      - heat_index_c
      - heat_index_f
      - heat_index_string
      - elevation
      - location
      - observation_time
      - precip_1hr_in
      - precip_1hr_metric
      - precip_1hr_string
      - precip_today_in
      - precip_today_metric
      - precip_today_string
      - pressure_in
      - pressure_mb
      - pressure_trend
      - relative_humidity
      - station_id
      - solarradiation
      - temperature_string
      - temp_c
      - temp_f
      - UV
      - visibility_km
      - visibility_mi
      - weather
      - wind_degrees
      - wind_dir
      - wind_gust_kph
      - wind_gust_mph
      - wind_kph
      - wind_mph
      - wind_string

Configuration variables:

  • api_key (Required): See above.
  • pws_id (Optional): You can enter a Personal Weather Station ID. The current list of Wunderground PWS stations is available here. If you do not enter a PWS ID, the current location information (latitude and longitude) from your configuration.yaml will be used to display weather conditions.
  • lang (Optional): Specify the language that the API returns. The current list of all Wunderground language codes is available here. If not specified, it defaults to English (EN).
  • monitored_conditions array (Required): Conditions to display in the frontend. The following conditions can be monitored.
    • alerts: Current severe weather advisories
    • dewpoint_c: Temperature in Celsius below which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form
    • dewpoint_f: Temperature in Fahrenheit below which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form
    • dewpoint_string: Text summary of dew point
    • feelslike_c: Feels like (or apparent) temperature in Celsius
    • feelslike_f: Feels like (or apparent) temperature in Fahrenheit
    • feelslike_string: Text summary of how the current temperature feels like
    • heat_index_c: Heat index (combined effects of the temperature and humidity of the air) in Celsius
    • heat_index_f: Heat index (combined effects of the temperature and humidity of the air) in Fahrenheit
    • heat_index_string: Text summary of current heat index
    • elevation: Elevation in feet
    • location: City and State
    • observation_time: Text summary of observation time
    • precip_today_in: Total precipitation in inches
    • precip_today_metric: Total precipitation in metric units
    • precip_today_string: Text summary of precipitation today
    • pressure_in: Atmospheric air pressure in inches
    • pressure_mb: Atmospheric air pressure in millibars
    • pressure_trend: Atmospheric air presure trend signal (+/-)
    • relative_humidity: Relative humidity
    • station_id: Your personal weather station (PWS) ID
    • solarradiation: Current levels of solar radiation
    • temperature_string: Temperature text combinding Fahrenheit and Celsius
    • temp_c: Current temperature in Celsius
    • temp_f: Current temperature in Fahrenheit
    • UV: Current levels of UV radiation. See here for explanation.
    • visibility_km: Average visibility in km
    • visibility_mi: Average visibility in miles
    • weather: A human-readable text summary with picture from Wunderground.
    • wind_degrees: Wind degrees
    • wind_dir: Wind direction
    • wind_gust_kph: Wind gusts speed in kph
    • wind_gust_mph: Wind gusts speed in mph
    • wind_kph: Current wind speed in kph
    • wind_mph: Current wind speed in mph
    • wind_string: Text summary of current wind conditions

All the conditions listed above will be updated each 5 minutes with exception of alerts that will be updated each 15 minutes by default.

Note: While the platform is called “wunderground” the sensors will show up in Home Assistant as “PWS” (eg: sensor.pws_weather).

Additional details about the API are available here.