The glances sensor platform is consuming the system information provided by the Glances API. This enables one to track remote host and display their stats in Home Assistant.

This sensors needs a running instance of glances on the host. The minimal supported version of glances is 2.3:

$ sudo glances -w
Glances web server started on

Check if you are able to access the API located at http://IP_ADRRESS:61208/api/2. The details about your memory usage is provided as a JSON response. If so, you are good to proceed.

$ curl -X GET http://IP_ADDRESS:61208/api/2/mem/free
{"free": 203943936}

For details about auto-starting glances, please refer to Start Glances through Systemd.

To enable the Glances sensor, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: glances
    host: IP_ADDRESS
      - 'disk_use_percent'
      - 'disk_use'
      - 'disk_free'
      - 'memory_use_percent'
      - 'memory_use'
      - 'memory_free'
      - 'swap_use_percent'
      - 'swap_use'
      - 'swap_free'
      - 'processor_load'
      - 'process_running'
      - 'process_total'
      - 'process_thread'
      - 'process_sleeping'

Configuration variables:

  • host (Required): The IP address of your host, eg.
  • port (Option): The network port to connect to. Default is 61208.
  • name (Optional): Name of the Glances sensor.
  • resources (Required): Entries to monitor.
    • disk_use_percent: Used disk space in percent
    • disk_use: Used disk space
    • disk_free: Free disk space
    • memory_use_percent: Used memory in percent
    • memory_use: Used memory
    • memory_free: Free memory
    • swap_use_percent: Used swap space in percent
    • swap_use: Used swap space
    • swap_free: Free swap space
    • processor_load: Load
    • process_running: Number of running processes
    • process_total: Total number of processes
    • process_thread: Number of threads
    • process_sleeping: Number of sleeping processes