The bitcoin sensor platform displays various details about the Bitcoin network.

To add the Bitcoin sensor to your installation, add a selection of the available display options to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: bitcoin
      - exchangerate
      - trade_volume_btc

Configuration variables:

  • currency (Optional): The currency to exchange to, eg. CHF, USD, EUR, etc. Default is USD.
  • display_options array (Required): Options to display in the frontend.
    • exchangerate: Exchange rate of 1 BTC
    • trade_volume_btc: Trade volume
    • miners_revenue_usd: Miners revenue
    • btc_mined: BTC mined
    • trade_volume_usd: Trade volume in USD
    • difficulty: Difficulty
    • minutes_between_blocks: Time between blocks in minutes
    • number_of_transactions: Number of transactions
    • hash_rate: Hash rate in PH/s
    • timestamp: Timestamp
    • mined_blocks: Minded Blocks
    • blocks_size: Block size
    • total_fees_btc: Total fees in BTC
    • total_btc_sent: Total sent in BTC
    • estimated_btc_sent: Estimated sent in BTC
    • total_btc: Total of BTC
    • total_blocks: Total Blocks
    • next_retarget: Next retarget
    • estimated_transaction_volume_usd: Estimated transaction volume in BTC
    • miners_revenue_btc: Miners revenue in BTC
    • market_price_usd: Market price in USD