This platform has been deprecated in favor of the “OpenALPR image processing” platform and will be removed in the future. Please use the “OpenALPR image processing” platform.

OpenALPR integration for Home Assistant allows you to process licences plates recorded with a camera. You can use them to open a garage door or trigger any other automation.

If you want use a video stream. You need setup the ffmpeg component. See also there for troubleshooting local ffmpeg installation.

Local installation

If you want process all data locally, you need version 2.3.1 or higher of the alpr commandline tool.

If you don’t find binaries for your distribution you can compile from source. Documention of how to build OpenALPR is found here.

On a Debian system you can use this cmake command to build only the command line tool:


Verify your alpr installation with:

$ wget -O- -q | alpr -

Configuration Home Assistant

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  engine: local
  region: eu
  confidence: 80.0
   - name: Camera garage 1
     interval: 5
     render: ffmpeg
     input: INPUT_STREAM
     extra_arguments: SOME OTHER FFMPEG STUFF
   - name: Camera garage 2
     interval: 5
     render: image
     input: https://camera_ip/still_image.jpg
     username: admin
     password: bla

Configuration variables:

  • engine (Required): local or cloud for processing
  • region (Required): Country or region. List of supported values.
  • confidence (Optional): The minimum of confidence in percent to process with Home Assistant. Defaults to 80.
  • entities (Required): A list of device to add in Home Assistant.
  • name (Optional): This parameter allows you to override the name of your OpenALPR entity.
  • interval (Optional): Time in seconds to poll a picture. If the interval is 0 It don’t poll and it only process data with openalpr.scan service. Default is 2 seconds.
  • render (Optional): How is Home Assistant to get a picture from. It support ffmpeg for video streams and image for a still image. Default is with ffmpeg.
  • input (Required): The source from getting pictures. With ffmpeg it could by all supported input. Image only support an URL.
  • extra_arguments (Optional): Only available with ffmpeg.
  • username (Optional): Only available with image for HTTP authentification.
  • password (Optional): Only available with image for HTTP authentification.

Configuration Home Assistant local processing

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  engine: local
  region: eu
  alpr_binary: /usr/bin/alpr

Configuration variables:

  • alpr_binary (Optional): Default alpr. The command line tool alpr from OpenALPR software for local processing.

Configuration Home Assistant cloud processing

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  engine: cloud
  region: eu

Configuration variables:


  • openalpr.scan: Scan immediately a picture from input.
  • openalpr.restart: Restart a ffmpeg process


# Example configuration.yaml automation entry
- alias: Open garage door
    platform: event
    event_type: openalpr.found
      entity_id: openalpr.camera_garage_1
      plate: BE2183423

This event is trigger after OpenALPR found a new licence plate.