The Pushover service is a platform for the notify component. This allows components to send messages to the user using Pushover.

In order to get an API key you need to go to the Pushover website and register a new application. From the website you can also retrieve your user key.

To use Pushover notifications, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    platform: pushover

Configuration variables:

  • name (Optional): Setting the optional parameter name allows multiple notifiers to be created. The default value is notify. The notifier will bind to the service notify.NOTIFIER_NAME.
  • api_key (Required): Your API key.
  • user_key (Required): Your user key for Pushover.

Example Automation:

- service: notify.entity_id
        message: "This is the message"
        title: "Title of message"
        sound: pianobar
        priority: 0

This is a quote from the Pushover website regarding free/open source apps:

If you are creating a client-side library, application, or open source project that will be redistributed and installed by end-users, you may want to require each of your users to register their own application rather than including your own API token with the software.

When setting up the application you can use this icon.

To use notifications, please see the getting started with automation page.