Microsoft Face Detect

The microsoft_face_detect image processing platform allows you to use the Microsoft Face Identify API through Home Assistant. This platform enables you do detect face on camera and fire a event with attributes.

Please refer to the component configuration on how to setup the API key.

For using the result inside an automation rule, take a look at the component page.

Configuration Home Assistant

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: microsoft_face_detect
      - entity_id: camera.door

Configuration variables:

  • confidence (Optional): The minimum of confidence in percent to process with Home Assistant. Defaults to 80.
  • source array (Required): List of image sources.
    • entity_id (Required): A camera entity id to get picture from.
    • name (Optional): This parameter allows you to override the name of your image_processing entity.
  • attributes array (Optional): The image search attributes. Supported: age, gender, glasses. Default age, gender.