This platform allows you to detect presence using GPSLogger. GPSLogger is an open source app for Android that allows users to set up a GET request to update GPS coordinates. This can be configured with Home Assistant to update your location.

To integrate GPSLogger in Home Assistant, add the following section to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: gpslogger

Setup on your smartphone

To configure GPSLogger, you must set up the app to send a GET request to your Home Assistant server at


. Make sure to include the API password if you have configured a password in Home Assistant (add &api_password=<password> to the end of the URL). Configure that options under “General Options”:

  • Start on boot: yes
  • Start on app launch: yes

Set the URL under “General Options -> Logging details”:

  • Log to GPX: no
  • Log to KML: no
  • Log to custom URL: yes and set

    (be sure you include API password (&api_password=<password>) if needed, or you can also use HTTP Basic authentication http://<username>:<password>@<ha_server>/api/gpslogger...)

  • Log to OpenGTS Server: no
  • Log to Plain Text: no
  • Log to NMEA: no

You should also tune GPSLogger performance to save your battery under “General Options -> Logging details -> Performance -> Location providers”:

  • GPS: no
  • Network: no
  • Passive: yes

A request can be forced from the app to test if everything is working fine. A succesfull request will update known_devices.yaml with device serial number.