The asuswrt platform offers presence detection by looking at connected devices to a ASUSWRT based router.

This platform is NOT available for Microsoft Windows installations.

To use an ASUSWRT router in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: asuswrt
    host: YOUR_ROUTER_IP

Configuration variables:

  • host (Required): The IP address of your router, eg.
  • username (Required: The username of an user with administrative privileges, usually admin.
  • password (Optional): The password for your given admin account (use this if no SSH key is given).
  • protocol (Optional): The protocol (ssh or telnet) to use. Defaults to ssh.
  • port (Optional): SSH port to use. Defaults to 22.
  • mode (Optional): The operating mode of the router (router or ap). Defaults to router.
  • ssh_key (Optional): The path to your SSH private key file associated with your given admin account (instead of password).

You need to enable telnet on your router if you choose to use protocol: telnet.

See the device tracker component page for instructions how to configure the people to be tracked.