Raspihats Binary Sensor

The raspihats binary sensor platform allows you to read sensor values ​​using the digital inputs of the raspihats boards.

To use your raspihats boards in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: raspihats
      - board: DI6acDQ6rly
        address: 0x60
          - index: 0
            name: PIR Office
            invert_logic: true
            device_class: motion
          - index: 1
            name: PIR Bedroom

Configuration variables:

  • i2c_hats (Optional): Array of used I2C-HATs.
    • board (Required): The board name [Di16, Di6Rly6, DI16ac, DI6acDQ6rly].
    • address (Required): The board I2C address, hex value.
      • channels (Required): Array of used digital input channels.
        • index (Required): Digital input channel index.
        • name (Required): Friendly name to use for the frontend.
        • invert_logic (Optional): Inverts the input logic, default is false.
        • device_class (Optional): See device classes in binary_sensor component, default is None

For more details about the raspihats add-on boards for Raspberry PI, visit raspihats.com.