Abode Home Security

The abode component will allow users to integrate their Abode Home Security systems into Home Assistant and use its alarm system and sensors to automate their homes.

Please visit the Abode website for further information about Abode Security.

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

  • Alarm Control Panel: Reports on current alarm status and can be used to arm/disarm the system
  • Binary Sensor: Reports on Door Contacts (open or closed), Motion Camera (motion detected or not), Water Sensors (detected or not), Keypad (online or not), Glass Break (online or not), Status Display (online or not)
  • Cover: Reports on Secure Barriers (open or closed) and can be used to open/close the cover
  • Lock: Reports on Door Locks (locked or unlocked) and can be used to lock/unlock the door
  • Switch: Reports on Power Switch Sensors (on or off) and can be used to turn the power switch sensor on/off

An abode section must be present in the configuration.yaml file and contain the following options as required:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  username: abode_username
  password: abode_password

Configuration variables:

  • username (Required): Username for the Abode account.
  • password (Required): Password for Abode account.