Installing images are available for all available Raspberry Pi and Intel NUC platforms.

  • Download the appropriate image for your Raspberry Pi / Intel NUC:
  • Flash the downloaded image to an SD card using Etcher.
  • Optional - Setup the WiFi or static IP: On the SD-card, edit the system-connections/resin-sample file and follow the ResinOS howto.
  • Insert SD card to Raspberry Pi and turn it on. On first boot, it downloads the latest version of Home Assistant which takes ~20 minutes (slower/faster depending on the platform).

If you copy over your existing Home Assistant configuration, make sure to enable the panel by adding either discovery: or hassio: to your configuration.

Alternative: install on generic Linux server

For advanced users, it is also possible to try on your Linux server or inside a VM. To do so, follow these instructions.

When you use this installation method, some add-ons will not be available and the documentation might not work for your installation.