Z-Wave Query Stage

Stage Description
None Query process hasn’t started for this node
ProtocolInfo Retrieve protocol information
Probe Ping device to see if alive
WakeUp Start wake up process if a sleeping node
ManufacturerSpecific1 Retrieve manufacturer name and product ids if ProtocolInfo lets us
NodeInfo Retrieve info about supported, controlled command classes
NodePlusInfo Retrieve ZWave+ info and update device classes
SecurityReport Retrieve a list of Command Classes that require Security
ManufacturerSpecific2 Retrieve manufacturer name and product ids
Versions Retrieve version information
Instances Retrieve information about multiple command class instances
Static Retrieve static information (doesn’t change)
CacheLoad Ping a device upon restarting with cached config for the device
Associations Retrieve information about associations
Neighbors Retrieve node neighbor list
Session Retrieve session information (changes infrequently)
Dynamic Retrieve dynamic information (changes frequently)
Configuration Retrieve configurable parameter information (only done on request)
Complete Query process is completed for this node