Rain Bird Switch

This rainbird switch platform allows interacting with LNK WiFi module of the Rain Bird Irrigation system in Home Assistant.

To enable stations as switches inside Home Assistant, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

    platform: rainbird
    host: ''
    password: 'secretpassword'
      zone: 1
      friendly_name: "Front sprinklers"
      trigger_time: 20
      scan_interval: 10
      friendly_name: "Back sprinklers"
      zone: 2
      trigger_time: 20
      scan_interval: 10

Configuration variables:

  • stickip (Required): The IP address of your LNK WiFi Module.
  • password (Required): The password for accessing the module.
  • zone (Required): Station zone identifier.
  • friendly_name (Optional): Just a friendly name for the station.
  • trigger_time (Required): The default duration to sprinkle the zone.
  • scan_interval (Optional): How fast to refresh the switch.

Please note that due to the implementation of the API within the LNK Module, there is a concurrency issue. For example, the Rain Bird app will give connection issues (like already a connection active).