Flux Light Adjustment

The flux switch platform will change the temperature of your lights similar to the way flux works on your computer, using circadian rhythm. They will be bright during the day, and gradually fade to a red/orange at night.

The component will update your lights based on the time of day. It will only affect lights that are turned on and listed in the flux configuration.

During the day (in between start time and sunset time), it will fade the lights from the start_colortemp to the sunset_colortemp. After sunset (between sunset_time and stop_time), the lights will fade from the sunset_colortemp to the stop_colortemp. If the lights are still on after the stop_time it will continue to change the light to the stop_colortemp until the light is turned off. The fade effect is created by updating the lights every 30 seconds with a 30 second transition time.

If you don’t wish to have flux update on 30 second intervals, you can leave the switch turned off and use automation rules that call the service switch.<name>_update whenever you want the lights updated, where <name> equals the name: property in the switch configuration.

To use the Flux switch in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  platform: flux
    - light.desk
    - light.lamp
  name: Fluxer
  start_time: '7:00'
  stop_time: '23:00'
  start_colortemp: 4000
  sunset_colortemp: 3000
  stop_colortemp: 1900
  brightness: 200
  disable_brightness_adjust: True
  mode: xy

Configuration variables:

  • lights (Required) array: List of light entities.
  • name (Optional): The name to use when displaying this switch.
  • start_time (Optional): The start time. Default to sunrise.
  • stop_time (Optional): The stop time. Defaults to 22:00.
  • start_colortemp (Optional): The color temperature at the start. Defaults to 4000.
  • sunset_colortemp (Optional): The sun set color temperature. Defaults to 3000.
  • stop_colortemp (Optional): The color temperature at the end. Defaults to 1900.
  • brightness (Optional): The brightness of the lights. Calculated with RGB_to_xy by default.
  • disable_brightness_adjust (Optional): If true, brightness will not be adjusted besides color temperature. Defaults to False.
  • mode (Optional): Select how color temperature is passed to lights. Valid values are xy, mired and rgb. Defaults to xy.