The onkyo platform allows you to control a Onkyo receiver from Home Assistant.

To add an Onkyo receiver to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: onkyo
    name: receiver
      pc: 'HTPC'

Configuration variables:

  • host (Optional): IP address of the device. Example: If not specified, the platform will load any discovered receivers.
  • name (Required if host is specified): Name of the device.
  • sources (Optional): A list of mappings from source to source name. Valid sources can be found below. A default list will be used if no source mapping is specified.

List of source names:

  • video1
  • video2
  • video3
  • video4
  • video5
  • video6
  • video7
  • dvd
  • bd-dvd
  • tape1
  • tv-tape
  • tape2
  • phono
  • cd
  • tv-cd
  • fm
  • am
  • tuner
  • dlna
  • internet-radio
  • usb
  • network
  • universal-port
  • multi-ch
  • xm
  • sirius