Raspberry Pi Cover

The rpi_gpio cover platform allows you to use a Raspberry Pi to control your cover such as Garage doors.

It uses two pins on the Raspberry Pi.

  • The state_pin will detect if the cover is closed, and
  • the relay_pin will trigger the cover to open or close.

Although you do not need Andrews Hilliday’s software controller when you run Home Assistant, he has written clear instructions on how to hook your garage door and sensors up to your Raspberry Pi, which can be found here.

To enable Raspberry Pi Covers in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  platform: rpi_gpio
    - relay_pin: 10
      state_pin: 11
    - relay_pin: 12
      state_pin: 13
      name: 'Right door'

Configuration variables:

  • covers array (Required): List of your doors.
    • name (Optional): Name to use in the Frontend.
    • relay_pin (Required): The pin of your Raspberry Pi where the relay is connected.
    • state_pin (Required): The pin of your Raspberry Pi to retrieve the state.
    • state_pull_mode (Optional): The direction the State pin is pulling. It can be UP or DOWN. Default is UP.
    • relay_time (Optional): The time that the relay will be on for in seconds. Default is .2 seconds.