The command-line and the frontend which simplify common tasks, are helping with migrations, and ensure that Home Assistant runs properly. Please do not confuse those with with Home Assistant’s script feature.

Configuration check

Test any changes to your configuration.yaml file before launching Home Assistant. This script allows you to test changes without the need to restart Home Assistant.

$ hass --script check_config

Existance of configuration

This script checks if the configuration.yaml file exists. If the file is not available, one is created.

$ hass --script ensure_config


There is a method to store secrets outside of your configuration.yaml file. For further details, please refer to the Storing Secrets documentation.

$ hass --script keyring

Old scripts

Usally those scripts were only use when a massive update happend and was announced in the release notes.

  • db_migrator: Migrate an existing SQLite database to the new schema.
  • influxdb_migrator: Convert an old InfluxDB to the new format.