Dynamic Content

With the new Content Extension feature found in iOS 10, dynamic content can now be displayed as part of a notification without opening an app.


Will show a map with a red tipped pin at the coordinates given. The map will be centered at the coordinates given.

service: notify.iOSApp
  message: Something happened at home!
      category: map
      latitude: 40.785091
      longitude: -73.968285

An example of the map dynamic content.

Camera Stream

The notification thumbnail will be a still image from the camera. The notification content is a real time MJPEG stream of a camera (assuming the camera supports it).

You can use the attachment parameters content-type and hide-thumbnail with camera.

You can view an example here.

service: notify.iOSApp
  message: Motion detected in the Living Room
      category: camera
    entity_id: camera.demo_camera

Combining with actionable notifications

As you can see the category key is used to tell the device what kind of content extension to use. You can use the same category identifiers in your own custom actions to add actions to the content extension.