Add-On Communication

It exists diferent ways to communication between add-ons or home-assistant inside Home-Assistant.


We use a internal network. That allow to speak with every add-on or from Home-Assistant to add-on by name or alias. Only the a add-on they run on Host network are a bit limited. They can speak with all internal add-ons over there name but all other add-on can’t speak with the add-on name to this add-on, but alias work wheel. So use the name/alias to communicate inside The name have format {REPO}-{SLUG} i.e. local-xy or 3283fh-myaddon.

i.e. use hassio to speak with internal API.


A Add-on can speak to Home-Assistant API with our internal proxy. That make it very easy to speak to this API without you need know the password, port or any other information for the Home-Assistant instance. Use this url: http://hassio/homeassistant/api and they will internal redirected to the right place. As next add homeassistant_api: true to config.json.

It is also possible to speak direct to Home-Assistant instance with name homeassistant over our internal Network. But you need know the running config.

We have severals services for inside Home-Assistant to execute some task. So you can also use hassio.addon_stdin to send data over STDIN to a add-on. API

To call to our API add hassio_api: true to config.json. Now you can use the API over this url: http://hassio/.