Checklist for Creating a Component

A checklist of things to do when you’re adding a new component.


  1. Requirement version pinned: REQUIREMENTS = ['phue==0.8.1']
  2. If requirement hosted on GitHub:
    • Point at a zip archive of a release tag or commit SHA.
    • Add version found in zip-archive as hash to url.


  1. Voluptuous schema present for config validation
  2. Default parameters specified in voluptuous schema, not in setup_platform(…)
  3. Schema using as many generic config keys as possible from homeassistant.const
  4. If having platforms, have a PLATFORM_SCHEMA, otherwise CONFIG_SCHEMA.
  5. If PLATFORM_SCHEMA, import base from homeassistant.helpers.config_validation

Component/platform communication

  1. If you need to share global data with platforms, use the dictionary
  2. If the component fetches data that causes related platform entities to update,