Philips Hue

Philips Hue support is integrated into Home Assistant as a light platform. The preferred way to setup the Philips Hue platform is by enabling the discovery component.

Once discovered, if you have a custom default view, locate configurator.philips_hue in the entities list ( < > ) and add it to a group in configuration.yaml. Restart Home Assistant so that the configurator is visible in the Home Assistant dashboard. Once Home Assistant is restarted, locate and click on configurator.philips_hue to bring up the initiation dialog. This will prompt you to press the Hue button to register the Hue hub in home assistant. Once complete, the configurator entity isn’t needed anymore and can be removed from any visible group in configuration.yaml.

Restarting Home Assistant once more should result in the Hue lights listed as “light” entities. Add these light entities to configuration.yaml and restart home assistant once more to complete the installation.

If you want to enable the component without relying on the discovery component, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  platform: hue

Configuration variables:

  • host (Required): IP address of the device, eg.
  • allow_unreachable (Optional): This will allow unreachable bulbs to report their state correctly. By default name from the device is used.
  • filename (Optional): Make this unique if specifying multiple Hue hubs.