Insteon PLM

This component adds “local push” support for INSTEON PowerLinc Modems allowing linked INSTEON devices to be used within Home Assistant as lights, switches, and binary sensors. Device support is provided by the underlying insteonplm package. It is known to work with both the 2413U USB and 2412S RS242 flavors of PLM. This component does not work with the IP-based hub products. For that, you’ll want the “Insteon (Local)” component instead.

# insteon_plm supported configuration variables
     - address: INSTEON_ADDRESS
       platform: DEVICE_PLATFORM

Configuration variables:

  • port (Required): The port for your device, e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0
  • device_override (Optional): Override the default device platform


The only configuration item that is absolutely necessary is the port so that Home Assistant can connect to the PLM. This will expose all the supported INSTEON devices which exist in the modem’s ALL-Link database. However, devices will only be shown by their INSTEON hex address (e.g. “1A.2B.3C”) which can be a bit unwieldy. As you link and unlink devices using the ‘Set’ buttons, they’ll be added and removed from Home Assistant automatically.

You can use the normal Home Assistant device customization section of your configuration to assign friendly names and special icons to your devices. This is especially useful for setting device_class on your binary_sensor INSTEON devices.

Device Overrides

INSTEON devices are added to Home Assistant using the platform(s) that make the most sense given the model and features of the hardware. In most cases this is unambiguous, but sometimes the component will not be able to guess the actual usage of the device. For example, there might be a table lamp plugged into an INSTEON appliance relay module. By default, this will show as a ‘switch’ device in Home Assistant, but it really should be a ‘light’ device. For exceptions like this, the component supports a device platform override. You can set any device (by address) to explicitly use a specific platform if the default is not correct.

Example Configuration with Options

# Full example of insteon_plm configuration with customizations and overrides

      friendly_name: Bedside Lamp
      friendly_name: Garage Door
      device_class: opening

  port: /dev/ttyUSB0
    - address: a1b2c3  # Icon Appliance Module for bedside lamp
      platform: light  # make it a light instead of a switch