The mqtt fan platform let you control your MQTT enabled fans.

In an ideal scenario, the MQTT device will have a state_topic to publish state changes. If these messages are published with RETAIN flag, the MQTT fan will receive an instant state update after subscription and will start with correct state. Otherwise, the initial state of the fan will be false.

When a state_topic is not available, the fan will work in optimistic mode. In this mode, the fan will immediately change state after every command. Otherwise, the fan will wait for state confirmation from device (message from state_topic).

Optimistic mode can be forced, even if state topic is available. Try to enable it, if experiencing incorrect fan operation.

To enable MQTT fans in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yml entry
  platform: mqtt
  command_topic: "home/living-room/fan/set"

Configuration variables:

  • name (Optional): The name of the lock. Default is ‘MQTT Lock’.
  • state_topic (Optional): The MQTT topic subscribed to receive state updates.
  • command_topic (Required): The MQTT topic to publish commands to change the lock state.
  • payload_on (Optional): The payload that represents the running state. Default is “ON”.
  • payload_off (Optional): The payload that represents the stop state. Default is “OFF”.
  • optimistic (Optional): Flag that defines if lock works in optimistic mode. Default is true if no state topic defined, else false.
  • qos (Optional): The maximum QoS level of the state topic. Default is 0 and will also be used to publishing messages.
  • retain (Optional): If the published message should have the retain flag on or not.
  • value_template (Optional): Defines a template to extract a value from the payload.

Make sure that your topic match exact. some-topic/ and some-topic are different topics.