Ubiquiti Unifi WAP

This platform allows you to detect presence by looking at devices connected to a Ubiquiti Unifi controller.

To use this device tracker in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: unifi

Configuration variables:

  • host (Optional): The hostname or IP address of your controller. Defaults to localhost.
  • port (Optional): The port of your controller’s web interface. Defaults to 8443.
  • username (Required: The username of an user with administrative privileges, usually admin.
  • password (Required): The password for your given admin account.
  • site_id (Optional): Allows you to specify a site_id for device tracking. Defaults to default. Found in the URL of the controller (i.e. https://CONTROLLER:PORT/manage/site/SITE_ID/dashboard).
  • verify_ssl (Optional): Controls if the SSL certificate running on your Unifi webserver must be trusted by a known Certificate Authority on the server running Home Assistant. Defaults to ‘True’ but can also be a value that points to your custom cert “path/to/custom_cert.pem”.
  • detection_time (Optional): The Unifi component will not return a device that has not been seen by the controller in the last 180 seconds. You can adjust this threshold with this variable and accepts seconds or 00:00:00 time formats.

See the device tracker component page for instructions how to configure the people to be tracked.

If you decide to install the Unifi Controller on the same system as your Home Assistant, be aware there may be overlap in ports if you have the MQTT component as well. Related Issue