SSH Server

Setting up an SSH server allows access to your folders with any SSH client. It also includes a command-line tool to access the API. Try it out:

$ hassio help

This add-on will not enable you to install packages or do anything as root. This is not allowed with

To use this add-on, you must have a private/public key to log in. To generate them, follow the instructions for Windows and these for other platforms. It is possible to set a password for login since version 2.0 but for high security use private/public keys. You can not run both variant at same time.

In order to start this add-on for the first time, you either need to include an ssh key (enclosed in quotation marks, on a single line without line breaks) or set a password in the options section.

  "authorized_keys": [
    "ssh-rsa AKDJD3839...== my-key"
  "password": ""

The username for login over ssh is root. The complete login command is ssh [email protected].

After logging in, you will find yourself in this add-ons container. The Home Assistant configuration directory is mounted on the path /config.

Configuration variables:

  • authorized_keys (Optional): Your public keys for authorized keyfile. Every element will be a line inside that file.
  • password (Optional): Set a password for login. We do not recommend this variant.

This add-on is not compatible if was installed via the generic Linux installer.