Set up a HomeMatic hardware layer. At the moment we don’t support hmIP but that is in progress. For learning and handling devices use our internal homematic panel and services (in progress) or use Homematic-Manager > 2.0.

The logic layer will be Home-Assistant. There is no ReGa or other logic layer installed. You can’t import exists configuration, you need new learn it into Home-Assistant.

Follow devices will be supported and tested:

  "rf_enable": true,
  "rf": [
      "type": "CCU2",
      "device": "/dev/ttyAMA0"
  "wired_enable": false,
  "wired": [
      "serial": "xy",
      "key": "abc",
      "ip": ""

Configuration variables:

  • rf_enable (Require): Boolean. Enable or disable BidCoS-RF.
  • wired_enable (Require): Boolean. Enable or disable BidCoS-Wired.

For RF devices

  • type (Require): Device type for RFD service. Look into handbook of your device.
  • device (Require): Device on host.

For RF devices

  • serial (Require): Serial number of device.
  • key (Require): Encrypted key.
  • ip (Require): IP address of lan gateway.

Home Assistant configuration

Use the following configuration in Home Assistant to use it:

      host: core-homematic
      port: 2001

Raspberry Pi3

With HM-MOD-PRI-PCB you need add follow into your config.txt on boot partition: