Setup and manage a Dnsmasq DNS server. This allows you to manipulate DNS requests. For example, you can have your Home Assistant domain resolve with an internal address inside your network.

interface options are for resinos based installation. On other system you can set it to "", for listen on every interface.

  "defaults": ["", ""],
  "forwards": [
    {"domain": "mystuff.local", "server": ""}
  "hosts": [
    {"host": "home.mydomain.io", "ip": ""}
  "interface": "eth1"

Configuration variables:

  • defaults (Required): A list of DNS servers to forward default requests to.
  • forwards (Optional): A list of domains that will forward to a specific server.
  • hosts (Optional): A list of hosts to resolve statically.
  • interface (Optional): If an interface is set, it listens only on this interface. Needs to be set for ResinOS. Normally is eth0 for ethernet wired connection and wlan0 for wireless connection.